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CTS Athletes around the World

The track season is winding down, however there are some big meets where Colorado Track Stats athletes are competing.  From August 30th thru September 11th here are what I found for the CTS athletes.

Spitzen Leichtathletik in Luzern, Switzerland 8/30/22.  Sage Hurta 1500 meters 4:04.94 (1st)

Palio Citta della Quercia, Staio Rovereto, Italy 8/30/22.  Eleanor Fulton 3000 meters 8:44.68 (4th) PR,           Morgan McDonald 5000 meters 13:19.21 (4th)

Brussels Diamond League, Brussels, Belgium 9/2/22.  Elise Cranny 1500 meters 3:59.61 (6th), Cory McGee 1500 meters 4:04.33 (10th), Emma Coburn steeple 8:14.43 (8th), William Kincaid 5000 meters 12:12.90 (12th),              Joe Klecker 5000 meters 13:15.17 (13th).

ISTAF Berlin, Berlin, Germany 9/4/22.  Natosha Rogers 5000 meters 15:23.96 (4th), Valarie Allman discus 222-4 (1st)

Citta di Padova, Padova, Italy 9/4/22. Kaela Edwards 800 meters 2:00.25 (7th)

Weltklasse Diamond League Final, Zurich, Switzerland 9/7-8/22.  Sage Hurta 800 meters 1:58.47 (3rd),             Emma Coburn steeple 9:20.00 (7th), Valarie Allman discus 229-10 (1st), Aikatenna Stefanidi pole vault 14-9 1/2 (6th), Alicia Monson 5000 meters road 14:37.22 (6th), Cory McGee 1500 meters 4:04.63 (8th), Oliver Hoare 1500 meters 3:30.59 (3rd),

Zagreb Memorial, Zagreb, Croatia 9/11/22.  Elise Cranny 800 meters 2:00.49 (2nd) PR, Valarie Allman discus 221-7 (2nd), William Kincaid 3000 meters 7:38.83 (1st), Morgan McDonald 3000 meters 7:39.05 (3rd).

5th Avenue Road Mile, New York City 9/11/22.  Women, Eleanor Fulton 4:18.0 (3rd), Sage Hurta 4:19.6 (7th),  Emma Coburn 4:22.8 (11th), Cory McGee 4:23.4 (12th), Aisha Praught 4:41.7 (22nd).  Men, Joe Klecker 3:53.0 (12th), Billy Ulrich 4:00.2 (22nd).

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