The Best Colorado Track Marks List

Olympic Trials Contest

Well everyone, let us have some fun.  With the four lists that…

She’s done it Again

On February 6th Elise Cranny (Niwot) did it again.  She took…
Cruz Culpepper

Colorado 2020 High School New Entries

In a 2020 track shortened season, there still were some new Colorado…
Joe Klecker

Colorado Soil 2020 New Enties

In a shorten 2020 track season, the Colorado Soil top-25 list…
Arnold Sowell

Oldest #1 Marks

Have you ever wondered what are the oldest marks in the four…

Colorado College/University’s 2020 New Entries

As per my last blog in a shorten 2020 track season, the Colorado…
Valarie Allman

After High School 2020 New Entries

In a year where there were very few track meets, however there…
Recent Colorado Track and Field Stats

New #1’s !!

Wow two #1's !! Maria Mettler of the Air Force Academy and…
Western State College 5k


Hey Track Fans on March 15 2003 in Boston, MA at the NCAA…
styron twins

Colorado’s Styron Twins

Hello Track Fans, I am going to tell you about two early sprint…