Division I Track Qualifiers for East & West Regionals from Colorado

Check out the qualifiers for the East & West Regional track…

Colorado High School State Track Championships

Check out the Elite performances at the Colorado High School…
Katie Fankhouser

NCAA II Track Qualifiers from Colorado Colleges

Check out the Colorado Colleges websites to see who qualified…
Tavon Underwood

CTS High School Top-5 Performers of 2023 (so far)

The following is Colorado Track Stats top-5 High School Colorado…
Skylyn Webb

After Colorado High School 2023 Best Marks

Here is the best marks for after high school indoor and outdoor…
Sam Gilman

CTS Top-5 Men Colorado Collegiate 2023 Track Best

Here as promised, is the Colorado Collegiate top-5 men's track…
Ella Baran

CTS Top-5 Women Colorado Collegiate 2023 Track Best

The following is a list of the top-5 best track & field marks…
Nell Rojas

CTS Athletes that ran in the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon had a few Colorado Track Stat athletes, and…
Ryan Johnson

5&Dime Yearly Lists

The following is a list of the 5k and 10k best so far this 2023…
A. Hall

CTS Athletes Gain and Improve on All-Time Lists

The week of January 13-15 saw a plethora of new and improved…