She’s done it Again

On February 6th Elise Cranny (Niwot) did it again.  She took down another Colorado #1 After High School record belonging to legendary Patti Sue Plumer (Montrose).  The event was the 3000 Meters.  In a highly competitive race in Phoenix, AZ., the Prickly Pear Invite, Cranny finished with a time of 8:40.33.  Plummer’s time of 8:40.98 ran at the Olympic Trials in 1992 in which she was first was now #2 for the Colorado After High School list.  Cranny took down Plummer’s 5000 Meters #1 Colorado After High School record last year in 14:48.02.  Plummer’s 15:00.00 in 1989 was then the Women’s American 5000 Meter Record.

Plummer started 2020 with four #1 Colorado After High School records,  1500 Meters, Mile, 3000 Meters and the 5000 Meters.  She is now down to one, the 1500 meters.  Emma Colburn (Crested Butte) took the Mile record down to 4:23.65 from Plummer’s 4:24.90 from 1991.  Plummer’s remaining 1500 Meter record is from the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain with a time of 4:03.42.  Plummer had long range of running fast,  800 Meters thru 5000 Meters.  Her 800 time of 2:00.30 is still #4 on the CAHS list.

Maybe we can get a featured race between Cranny and Coburn for that  1500 mark of Plummer’s.  Coburn is setting #3 on the list (4:03.82) and Cranny is #5 (4:05.83).  There are a hand full of women that could have a shot at that record as well that are still running.  Katie Follett (Fort Collins) #2 from 2015 (4:03.81),  Eleanor Fulton (Highlands Ranch) #7 from 2019 (4:08.42),  Katie Rainsberger (Air Academy) #8 from 2017 (4:09.08) and Kaela Edwards (Littleton) #9 from 2020 (4:09.62).

Keep tuned in and GO FAST!!




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