The Best Colorado Track Marks List

Olympic Trials Contest

Well everyone, let us have some fun.  With the four lists that Colorado Track Stats have,  you will have to pick which marks would make the 2021 Olympics based on the best marks that out of the four lists there is.  Who picks the most correct ones wins.  For example,  the best mark for the women’s 100 meters is 10.79.  If that mark is good enough in the final to warrant a spot on the Olympic team, you get a point towards your total points.  If you pick incorrectly,  you will be deducted a point.  In case of a tie, the first tie breaker is the one with the least amount of incorrect picks.  If there is still a tie, the second tie breaker is the one who had the best record in the running events.  If there is still a tie,  I will split the winnings and send off your share.

You are probably asking just how much can I win?

Well,  a cool $50 bucks.  There is however a minimum of at least 25 contestants.  Send your picks to the web-site e-mail,  with your name and your e-mail address.  So tell others about and good luck.  You have plenty of time till the trials.

Following are the marks to choose from.


Event Women Men
100m 10.79 9.93
200m 22.19 20.00
400m 50.84 44.73
800m 1:57.82 1:47.00
1500m 3:59.90 3:34.71
5000m 14:48.02 12:58.10
10000m 31:21.92 27:38.50
steeple 9:02.35 8:21.47
110mh 12.89
100mh 12.70
400mh 55.31 47.98
shot put 61-9 3/4 71-2 3/4
discus 230-2 233-6
pole vault 15-1 3/4 19-2 1/4
high jump 6-6 7-9 3/4
long jump 22-10 28-4 1/4
triple jump 46-5 1/4 56-10 3/4
hammer 231-9 253-1
javelin 195-8 273-2
heptathlon 6153 pts
decathlon 8143 pts


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