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Colorado Mile Attempt in August

Well, the Colorado Mile Soil Record is about to be attempted this month (August).  There are two meets that are on the schedule.  The first is the Mile High Mile on August 13th at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, Colorado.  The second is the Team Boss Colorado Mile on August 20th at the Niwot High School.

If you like Road Mile competition, this Saturday (August 6th) is for you as the 25th Pearl Street Mile in Boulder Colorado is a great one to go view or compete in.

The Mile High Mile meet will have age group divisions.  Below is a listing for the master’s known records.  The 40-49 women’s record was just set at the Denver Twilight Series in Englewood, Colorado.  Ann Marie Kirkpatrick age 40 just took down Colorado track legend, Melody Fairchild’s record from 2014 of 5:16.9 with a fast 5:14.19!

The Team Boss Colorado Mile will have some fast athletes, so get out there and check it out.  The fastest male Colorado Soil Record is by Oliver Hoare of 3:56.8h in 2020.  The Womens record is by Colorado’s own Emma Coburn in 4:32.72 also from 2020.

Best Known Colorado Soil
Age Group Mile Records
30-39 Shadrack Kipchuchir Aisha Praught
4:02.88 4:38.33
St. Vrain Inv. 5-11-19 (30) Team Boss Mile 6-27-20 (30)
ran in Longmont ran in Grand Junction
40-49 Jeremy Parks Ann Marie Kirkpatrick
4:35.6 5:14.19
BRR Mile High Mile 8-16-18 (41) Denver Twilight 7-30-22 (40)
ran in Boulder ran in Englewood
50-59 Todd Straka Steph Scholl
4:50.34 5:44.6
St. Vrain Invite 5-12-17 (50) BRR 7-17-14 (51)
ran in Longmont ran in Boulder
60-69 Dan King Laurie Rungenstein
5:00.7 6:13.00
BRR 6-17-21 (62) Mid-America 2013 (65)
ran in Boulder ran in Fort Collins
70+ Frank Rodriquez ???
Mid-America 2017 (?)
ran in Pueblo
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